Wednesday, February 28, 2007

BOD Meeting Wed Feb 7, 2007 Agenda

Please list anything you want on the agenda

Friday, February 23, 2007

Notes from HOA Meeting

Capital improvement jobs that were mentioned at the meeting.

- Club House at Pool
- Decorate front entrance more and at holidays
- Better lighting at front entrance
- Dues Reduction

Maintenance Job mentioned

- Replace speed limit sign (Temuco)


Pinewood Letters Issue

I talked to David Thompson at Landcraft tonight. He is concerned that some of the homeowners that have received letters about the HOA are trying to not sign them and get out of the HOA. He assured me that that was not going to happen and that the HOA is fine. The issue really is like I said in the meeting. Sign this and we apologize for any inconvenience or else we have to go to court and convince a judge that we have an HOA which would not be difficult. He mentioned something about a resident getting an attorney already and that attorney called Landcrafts attorney and he said the resident’s attorney understood exactly what was going on and immediately stepped back and agreed to get the paper signed. I would think that if a 10 minute phone call between attorneys settles it hopefully residents don’t waste their time fighting it. David Thompson is going to call me next week to let me know how things are going. - Dave

Please foward any outstanding emails to David

If anyone has a copy of an email sent to me in the past 2 weeks could you please send it to me at


Using the Blog

Thanks for stopping by the blog. I have made one quick change and that was to open comments up to anyone even if they don’t sign up. Since I was already signed up I did not see how difficult the email sent out was to register to start using the blog. Was it hard? - Dave

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Next Board Meeting

March 5th is a proposed date for the next board meeting. Please use ADD Comment to respond to this date. - David

New Method of communicating

Hello everyone. I am not sure how many of the board members are familiar with blogs which are basically bulletin boards but they can be effective ways for groups to communicate. If after clicking around in here please let me know if you are in favor of us using this blog as a spot for posting information or questions please just leave a post or you can email me @ .